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Executive Pay

Intelligent | Innovative | Independent

Let us guide you on your pay-for-performance journey.

PayIQ is a leading consultancy specialising in executive remuneration, helping organisations design and optimise pay programs to attract, retain, and motivate top executive talent. With our expertise in CEO remuneration and long-term incentives, we ensure that your remuneration strategies drive performance and align with your business objectives.

Leading Independent Executive Pay Consultants

  • Focused, Scalable Support

Unlock unparalleled executive pay support tailored to your needs. PayIQ Executive Pay brings expertise to your fingertips, providing focused and scalable solutions for your unique challenges.

  • Designing incentives that work

Master the art of incentivising and rewarding discretionary effort across short, medium, and long-term horizons. Our specialised consultancy guides you through the strategic design of incentives that not only motivate but also align with your organisational goals.


  • Capture value with Executive Pay

Harness the power of executive pay as a proactive tool for creating organisational value. PayIQ goes beyond conventional approaches, helping you leverage executive compensation strategically to drive success and maximise returns.

  • Paying for Performance

Elevate your organisation with pay frameworks meticulously crafted to align with performance objectives across diverse horizons. PayIQ's expert consultants work hand-in-hand with you to design performance-driven pay structures that inspire excellence.

  • Contemporary Benchmarking Approaches

Gain a competitive edge by understanding how the market values your executive talent. PayIQ employs cutting-edge benchmarking approaches to analyse executive compensation trends. Discover what the market is paying for top-tier talent and unlock opportunities for improvement within your organisation.

Your trusted advisor in executive remuneration

PayIQ is committed to being your trusted advisor in executive remuneration. We combine deep industry knowledge, data-driven insights, and a collaborative approach to deliver customised solutions that meet your unique needs. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal executive pay strategies that drive performance, attract top talent, and enhance shareholder value.

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Discover how PayIQ can assist you in optimising your executive remuneration plans. Let us be your partner in unlocking the full potential of your organisation's executive talent.

"We rely on Pay IQ to provide us a perspective on market practice but what we value most is their commercial advice and guidance on how to achieve what we want for our organisation. No one else does that as well."

Chief Executive Officer, ASX 100 Company

We are recruiting at all levels

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